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In 1944 Edward Hanhart started what was then known as General Detectives. In 1951, Edward’s son, Donald Hanhart takes the helm of the company. Through three generations of family ownership the company, now headquartered in Wilmington, California. Has grown to a full-service security firm, recognized in the industry as being a leader in producing innovative solutions for its clients. Current Qualified Manager Brian Hanhart and leader of this family owned business continues the 77-year commitment to ensure customer satisfaction through exemplary service delivery, cost control, time management of the security program and an approach to employee care that ensures respect, dignity, and fairness.

In 2017, Brian’s daughter Samantha Hanhart joined GSSi, continuing the tradition of a family oriented, service minded, and employee centric security provider. In this way, GSSi becomes a fourth generation privately owned and operated security leader.

GSSi is Headquartered in Wilmington, California. GSSi is a longtime leader in the security services industry, providing highly trained security forces, and delivering expert business services to a constantly growing list of commercial, industrial and governmentmental organizations.

GSSi is a privately held security company established in 1944. We are a fourth generation privately owned and operated corporation headquartered in Wilmington, California. 

GSSi is a longtime leader in the security services industry, providing highly trained security forces and delivering expert business services to a constantly growing list of commercial, industrial and governmental organizations. 

Our growing and diverse client base is a testament to our reputation for providing an excellent level of quality service and professionalism.

GSSi believes in a Pro-Active Management approach that responds immediately with 24/7 Dispatch and Supervision. 

We have 77 years in business with a track record of success; leadership that is credentialed as Certified Protection Professionals; and a Law Enforcement background. 

This helps empower GSSi to anticipate customer needs and provide a Security Officer that is fast, friendly and efficient and site-specifically trained and attuned to your security needs.

GSSi, Inc. has provided both armed and unarmed uniformed contract security officers and specialized patrol services since 1944. 

We are a forth generation-owned and operated company.

We have specialized in contract security and specialized patrol services for the federal, state, county and city governments during that time, and in the latter years broadening our private sector work.

GSSi has provided security officers during the construction of the 405 Freeway project in the amount of 30 security officers per day.

We were the security for several years for the Los Angeles Coliseum and Sports Arena which utilized between 20 and 40 officers per event. GSSi provided security for all the Federal Government GSA buildings and social security offices with roving security patrols for each of those facilities in both Los Angeles and Orange Counties.

GSSi Patrol vehicle


GSSi understands the culture of the our clients to provide safe and courteous services to the employees, visitors and residents of our clients; to provide consistent and professional security services; to maintain the highest levels of contract deliverables;
to submit timely and accurate invoicing; and to build a culture
of innovation and continuous improvement.

GSSi will meet these goals and objectives by maintaining a focus
on the most critical aspect of this project: the security officer.

First, our organization thrives with a full effort in supporting the company’s product. In the Security Guard Industry that product is the Security Officer. 

Our Customers expect service delivery that meets all of the contracted needs. 

Our Officers expect treatment that is respectful and professional. Identifying the Security Officer as the primary producer of the organization requires a move to creating a position of respect within the hierarchy of the company to highlight the Security Officer.

Second, our organizational chart is modified to reflect the new position. Instead of a top down approach a bottom up method of support is established. 

The organizational chart is flipped upside down to put the Security Officer at the top and everyone underneath becomes the support mechanism for the success of the Security Officer.


Finally, everyone within the organization is focused on the success of the Security Officer, therefore the Security Officer has the proper respect and motivation to perform their duties and take care of the Customer.

 If the Customer is happy they will refer new business. The resulting cycle of corporate prosperity becomes a byproduct of superior service to both our employees and customers.

GSSi believes this bottom up approach contributes to our overall success and directly affects the relationship we have with our customers.

Our culture of building teams, supporting front line performance, and a commitment to meeting the highest standard in providing service deliverables aligns GSSi with the culture and commitments to  community prevalent for all of our clients.


Key Management

Qualified Manager

Brian Hanhart, Qualified Manager

Mr. Hanhart has over 40 years of combined security and law enforcement experience. Mr. Hanhart has received a degree in Criminal Justice, and has had the benefit of hands on training and the passing of knowledge from his father Donald Hanhart.

Brian maintains an up-to-date attitude with the latest developments in the security/law enforcement, personnel selection, and modern operational areas.
Brian is a Southern California resident and enjoys supporting the goals and objectives of our customers.

Brian understands that earning contracts is an important step in the continued growth of General Security Service. Brian is available to assist the branch operations and looks forward to being a part of the success of the security program.

CPP, Director Inland Empire Operations

Gary Moore, CPP, Director Inland Empire Operations

Gary joined GSSi in July of 2014 to run the operations for the Inland Empire and Orange County business group. Gary is a Certified Protection Professionals (CPP) and brings over 40 years of security industry experience in Account and Operational Management.

Professional Affiliation – As a Certified Protection Professional (CPP), Gary volunteers in professional security organizations and mentoring programs.

Gary is Assistant Regional Vice President, Chapter Vice Chair, and CPP Course Mentor Chair for ASIS International. Gary has been Director of the CPP review course, Regional Vice President, Member of the Award Committee and held numerous charter board positions.

Gary is the recipient of the ASIS International President Award of Achievement and the Regional Certification Achievement Award.

Branch Manager, Los Angeles Area

Sean Cohan, Branch Manager, Los Angeles Area

Sean has 25 years of combined law enforcement and security experience. Sean entered the field in 1995 as a Level 1 Reserve Police officer with a large municipal police agency and has worked patrol, special crime suppression units, detectives, and community relations.

Sean was awarded the Mayor’s Certificate of Appreciation in 1995 by Richard Riordan for his volunteer work with an At-Risk Youth program. Sean was also awarded Reserve Police Officer of the Year in 2003, 2004, and 2012.

As a branch manager for GSSi’s Los Angeles area operations, Sean manages GSSi’s LA account portfolio which includes hundreds of security officers assigned to accounts in the greater LA region. Sean has also been the lead agent for executive protection details and has coordinated and provided protection services for many high-profile VIP’s and their families.

Sean has solid experience in recruitment, staffing, training, post order/policy development, and maintaining CAL-OSHA/BSIS compliance. Sean is supported by a full operations team and a 24/7 field supervision team based out of our Wilmington Branch office.