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Getting your hands on a RAD device is easy especially when we have two of the largest security providers in the US as dealers, plus a growing list of smaller regional guarding company dealers. Working through our network of qualified dealers you can get a unit deployed almost anywhere in the US or Canada.

What you get when you enlist RAD

Thanks to our Solutions-as-a-Service model you can rest easy knowing that you will get the same level of support from RAD no matter what dealer you choose to work with. We will provide you with everything you need to make your deployment a success including:

  • Access to the RAD Software Suite allowing you to monitor your robot and customize the functions of your robot to fit your needs.

  • Comprehensive training for operators and staff that will be interacting with the robot and the RAD Software Suite through both onsite and online training.

  • Complete maintenance and service through life of contract.
    24/7 technical service support available online or through your RAD technician.
deploy rad today

Observe, Report and Respond: General Site Security

GSSi is a privately held security company established in 1944. We are a fourth generation privately owned and operated corporation headquartered in Wilmington, California. 

GSSi is a longtime leader in the security services industry, providing highly trained security forces and delivering expert business services to a constantly growing list of commercial, industrial and governmental organizations. 

Our growing and diverse client base is a testament to our reputation for providing an excellent level of quality service and professionalism.

Provide help as needed

Every SCOT and Wally has a large touchscreen tablet with RAD software designed to be easy to use for your visitors and staff. We call it RADGuard(TM). RADGuard allows people to simply touch a help button to start a 2 way video call between them and a guard working remotely or on site.

Once connected our system will record the call in case it is needed for evidence. Furthermore the call be sent anywhere so there are many monitoring options.

Observe, Report and Respond: Unauthorized Human Trespassing

Depending on how the alerts are set up (grace/forced check in, alert upon person in the space, combination thereof) RADSoC/RADPmC can have an alert listed. Operators can manage the alert per post orders.
Onsite/offsite personnel may also receive a text message with details or an email with details if desired.

Observe, Report and Respond: Unauthorized Vehicle Trespassing

In restricted areas SCOT and Wally can be used to monitor and record vehicle activity. RAD’s feature of SuspectSpotter uses Artificial Intelligence for accurate vehicle detection.

This when used in combination with the tools available in the RAD Dashboard can change the displayed message and send out an audio alert message or alarm. You can even mask out zones to focus the alerts only to restricted parking zones.

Deter Loitering

SCOT and Wally can be used to identify and deter loitering. RAD’s feature of SuspectSpotter uses Artificial Intelligence for accurate human detection. RAD creates alerts creating a time line of people in the area.

An internal countdown time can be set and if people remain in view an alarm and alert can be activated. Furthermore a guard who is monitoring the alerts and feeds can identify individuals who are loitering. Once identified the guard can annunciate a page through the unit notifying them that they must leave and take appropriate further actions.

Provide loading dock security and services

SCOT/Wally uses ‘First Contact’ feature to issue a contextual message upon a person appearing on the dock.

  • Issue LED/LCD/Audio message as desired in <5 seconds (can instruct person to complete visitor management at the SCOT/Wally)
  • Message can be to wait for attendant during the day, can be to alert person they are unauthorized (if at night)

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