2nd Quarter 2021

New Hire

We want to welcome to the GSSi family the following:

A. Brown             M. Barlow

L. Bennett           J. Calhoun

C. Williams          L. Cooper

S. Jefferson        R. Kayanda

C. Lavergne        J . Lawler

E. Okoli               M. Palacios

R. Pendleton      D. Salcedo

R. Swann             J. Talley


H. Dollarhide        F. Valadez

M. Blackston         R. Aleman

F. Lechuga             V. Garcia

S. Smith                  S. Kelly  

L. Maddox             M. Jimerson

A. Farooki              A. Cage

K. Evans                  L. Levingston

C. Lozano               R. Swann

L. Bilbrew              E. Bydon

M. Lomboy            A. Mejia

J. Sam                     R. Sampaga

D. Larkins              K. Morgan

W. Franks              M. Montano

M. Hasanein          M. Soliz

J. Thomas               A. Curtin

R. Valadez              H. Yusi

Safety Tips Every employee Should Know

1. Report Unsafe Conditions ASAP

Fixing unsafe conditions and preventing bad things from happening starts with YOU. Employees must report unsafe conditions to their managers as soon as they notice something isn’t right

2. Follow The Latest Safety Procedures

Whether your company purchases new equipment or just updates safety procedures, you must know the new safety procedures and safety topics for work associated with the change. 

3. Don’t Take Shortcuts

Workplace safety and handling procedures exist to keep your employees safe, especially those when involving heavy machinery. It is essential to use each tool and machine according to instruction, shortcuts will only cause injury and just aren’t worth the few minutes you may save. So, be sure you’re using the right tool, the correct way.

4. Take Regular Breaks

Taking regular breaks is not just required by OSHA but it’s just common sense too. The entire reason that OSHA included the regular breaks is common sense, when workers are tired, they’re more prone to incidents because awareness of their surroundings is hampered by exhaustion. Taking breaks on a regular schedule helps keep employees fresh. As well to be noted on the timesheets accordingly.

5. Set & Follow Emergency Protocols

Emergencies don’t often announce themselves, like fire, floods, or tornados for example. So you must be prepared for everything in your region that can disrupt safety to your company, your employees, and your customers. As far as safety topics for work go, emergency protocols are a no-brainer.

Therefore, have procedures in place if an emergency should happen: 


  • Anticipate natural disasters and similar emergencies by checking social media alerts and the Weather Channel. 
  • Identify risks to your company. 
  • Identify crucial points to your company and how to effectively protect them.
  • Following Site Emergency Protocols
  • Make sure your employees complete Emergency Response and Evacuation Training.


23 Years                 14 Years

M. Cotton              T. Bryan

6 Years                   5 Years

D. Jones                 P. Soza

4 Years                   3 Years

C. Carter                 S. Tometich

D. Baxter

M. Martinez          2 Years

L. Martinez            R. Harris

                    1 Year

B. Mares                A. Cox

R. Lopez                 F. Gutierrez

M. Blackston         M. Cabvalle


                    L. Gill

Employee of the Quarter


For the past three months we have been keeping an eye on everyone and would like to say great job to everyone with all the extra help. We have gotten two officers that were even recognized by the client. So we are doing a double employee of the quarter for Jose Huerta and Manuel Cabvalle for their outstanding work at their perspective locations and doing such a wonderful job that the client has even recognized all their hard work.

From The Office:

If you have not finished your Sexual Harassment Training, please complete it as quickly as possible. The link is www.dfeh.ca.gov/shpt/ . If you are not able to do this at home call your office and schedule a time to come in and complete this course. Make sure you take a screen shot of the certificate and send it to your office, for one hour of pay.

 Also if you have not gotten your BLS, plus do so send your certificate to the office. The link is https://www.nationalcprfoundation.com/#

Both certifications need to be done as quickly as possible. If you have any questions please feel free to contact the office or your Field Supervisor.